Born in Vasiliko, Chalkidas in 1939 and died November 2011 in Athens. His parents were Nicholas Triantafillou and Polyxeni Mitrokotsa. He completed elementary school at Vasiliko and the night High school in Halkida. From 1960 to 1963 he served as secretary at the political office of Evia Minister and his uncle, Anthony Triantafyllou.


Passed the entrance examination of the Dental School of Athens University, but after the first year of studies transcribed to the Medical School of the University of Modena and after graduating, he majored in General Haematology. Also studied Dentistry and Psychotherapy.

For many years he lived in the Italian city where he excelled, offering his services as a hematologist doctor and psychotherapist. Worked donating his remuneration for charitable purposes and specifically for the fight against cancer, thus fulfilling the wish of his mother. His motto was “Fighting for Peace is Victory.”

Also, he was a professor under contract in the Medical and Dental School of the University of Modena while he was a member of the academic staff of the University Clinic Hospital of the same city.

Basilio Chalkidiotis was not only a distinguished scientist, but also a great artist. He was one of the greatest painters of the 20th century and founder of the school of art “Chalkidismou.” He was a member of the International Academy of Arts and Sciences of Rome (GM)

At the same time he worked on sculpture, poetry, stage design and directing.

One of the first projects was the “The Yellow world of Basilio Chalkidiotis”, which received amazing reviews and ushered in the enviable career in the field of Art. So he got acquainted with his great masters, Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dalí, Giorgio de Chirico.

Using herafter the artistic pseudonym “Chalkidiotis” begins to exhibit his works with great success in galleries, in capitals and major cities of the world.

Among his works, he painted portraits of various celebrities such as Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Grace of Monaco, Prince Alberto of Monaco, the Empress Soraya, the Pope Giovanni Paolo II Woitila and many others.

The paintings of Basilio Chalkidiotis are not only drawings, but works of art, which channeled his messages, ideas and concerns. Objectives of this activity were the prevalence of world peace, like Christianity proclaims, the promotion of Hellenism and the creation of a world without borders, where human rights are not violated. Many of his works were donated to the Museum of Chalkidismo in Eretria. Unfortunately over 100 works were destroyed during transport from Italy to Greece when the ship “Raphael” caught fire – which shocked the artist and all the international art population.

With his inspiration and talent, the artist created the School of Modern Painting and introduces a new term, the “Chalkidismo”, which was a new style of painting, which was developed on three characteristics:

The first is the style of the art of color. The creator besides classical touch and line drawing using oil dissolved as watercolor with free use of the four basic colors (blue, red, yellow, black). Based on these colors he creates all the nuances of the paintings.

The second element of this style is the creator of Chalkidismos and every Chalkidistis include and unite all schools of modern art from the early 1900s until today to develop the style and messages left by the founders in a new expression of colors and designs through Chalkidismos.

That’s why we find the “father” of Chalkidismos being affected by many teachers, who does not copy, but develops and expresses a strict personal style, such as the schools of: Pollock, de Chirico, Salvador Dali, Picasso, Mr. Fontana. d.

Will meet in collage and pop painting, but always infallible and strictly personal.

At this point, art historians have used the word “Colts” which means creation. That creates a school based on the hierarchy of art, respecting schools and movements, which tries to refine on the belief that nothing is perfect and everything is a beginning, on which we should continue research on the improvement and development that is being born.

Here Chalkidismos embraces the art world and eliminates boundaries. It unites the world and therefore the complaints for a better tomorrow and for the world peace.

The third element is the philosophical, human, social of the ancient Greek philosophers. That’s why many likened to a modern Sophocles, Plato, Aristotle, or even Goethe, since he complains about what’s going wrong, either of expediency or by mistake by those who hold in their hands the fate of humanity and afflict humans. Defending human rights, fighting against the war and the establishment of world peace.

His struggle is considered that coincides with the Greek antiquity and is focused on the culture of Chalkida of the island of Evia, that from the ancient Kimi granted Latins with their alphabet.

In Chalkidismo each artist should express the problems and issues of the era he lived in for those who will come after him, to know what was the century and how it was consumed the time the artist lived.

“Chalkidismos” … not in the “decoration”, but is a means of expressing messages that the creator records, like a writer or a poet. Therefore, painting during the Chalkidismos emerges as a science, as repeatedly and actively deals with the problems and the betterment of human life.

“But beware, ‘says Basilio Chalkidiotis,” We shall not get away from the poetry of colors, because with their poetry you cannot make people think, get puzzled and achieve his betterment far better than under the threat of a revolver in his hand! “…

Salvador Dali talked for Basilio Chalkidiotis saying: “The father of Chalkidismos bases his school in physics, chemistry, biology and the struggle to defend human rights and his revulsion against the war.”

According to F.. Tampaki-Jonah “the Chalkidismos constitutes a revealing testimony of the problem of modern man.” She also considers that “it is an offer, not only to his hometown, but also to every place, beyond borders, wherever his peaceful messages can reach ” and notes: “His school was born decades ago and is being followed with great success in the international arena, by many of today’s artists. “

Works of Basilio Chalkidioti are exhibited at the most interesting private collections and decorate the most important museums in the world.

Beyond his undeniable contribution to the Arts, Basilio Chalkidiotis, fought hard for the prevalence of World Peace, a Peace to be derived from a brotherhood rather than the subjugation of people. This universal Peace was the source of inspiration for Basilio Chalkidiotis and he was justly attributed the title “Painter of Nations, Peace and Love.”

Another of his objectives is the protection of human rights. He devoted much of his everyday life to the fight for prevention of violations of human rights of refugees, searching desperately away from the homeland, freedom and human values​​.

For many years he was president of the international community of migrants from the former Eastern block countries and all the Orthodox world, who lived in Modena, Italy. He was elected president 17 times to 99%!

Because he believed that Orthodox faith changes the ethos and mentality of a man and leads him to the struggle for perfection, he baptized thousands of atheists and non-Christians, Orthodox Christians. Specifically, their number rose to 3,612 people!

He even fought for the promotion of Hellenism and meet the legitimate demands of his home and Cyprus, making dynamic effects, such as:

– Complain to the Nobel committee, in order to remove the Peace Prize of Henry Kisigker – the principal officer of the Cyprus tragedy.

– A lawsuit against the American government for the Turkish invasion of Cyprus.

– Complaint against the Turkish government to return the relics of the Orthodox Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinopole.

In 1975 he offered 350 projects in Cyprus and the proceeds from the sale were allocated to tormented Cypriot people.

He was the only artist in history, who presented live ballet with Liliana Kozi and Marinela Stefaneskou on “The Passion of the Christ” at the seat of the Vatican, which was attended by hundreds of cardinals from around the world. He has also collaborated with Rudolf Nureyev and other celebrities at various uploads.

His talent and his great offer are recognized by both the artistic personalities and politicians, as well as by critics.

Many poets in the world and among them Nikos Vlastaris, Marco Bruni, Anna Menotsi the Rizitano Leterrier, the Ettore del Anna, but also the great Italian actress and poet Anna Maniani, have dedicated their poems, extolling his talent and the struggle for the prevalence of world peace.

Artists and critics from around the world devoted him their praise as Giorgio de Chirico, Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, Franco Solmi, but also the famous critic Giulio Carlo Argan, likened Basilio Chalkidioti by Sophocles, Aristotle, Plato, Goethe and Svenser.

The world press has dealt with him several times and his work was promoted particularly by major publishing houses, dealing with art publications, including: Bolaffi, Quadrato, Montatori Editors, Incontri Grafici, Centro Diffusione Arte, Rizzoli Editors, Due Torri, SRL, Panaro, Melissa, Iolkos, Rusconi Editors, Casa Editrice Alba, IDAF, instituto per la Diffusione delle Arti Figurative, Bucati Editors, and many others.

He has been awarded with crowd of medals by major personalities for his contribution to art and his struggle for Peace. Among others, he was awarded the Grand Cross of the International Academy of Sciences and Social Welfare of Rome, the Nobel Prize Drawing 1987 Cup of Cabinet of the Italian State, the Academy of San Marino, the Grand Prize of the Medical Artists Biennial Prize Venice, Oscar Europe in the 3rd International Exhibition of Painting and Sculpture, the Medal of the Church of St. Alexander Nevsky, during his visit to Moscow and the Order of Military Aviation in Italy.

Still, he was honorary president of the first free newspaper in the state of Romania «Drapelul», honorary president of the Club Ferrari, and has been awarded by the Italian Red Cross.

Many famous painters painted his portrait and donated it to his personal collection. Portraits of various paintings decorate walls of known worldwide stores, presenting him as an ancient Greek, while many roads and museums bear his name. Also, a large number of signatures had been gathered from all parts of the world, to nominate him for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Basilio Chalkidiotis – Triantafyllou, was a great scientist and artist of our century. A number of personalities praised him by their poems and comments, but the words of his late and beloved mother, Polyxeni Triantafyllou, highlight best his talent and virtues of his character.

“… Like a wild storm your works will crush the blind humanity.

You fight for Peace. You want the world united. You present death to give away values ​​of life, the jungle, where wild beasts will make dances of death

You caress the fire going. Stroking it you put it out. At your step, life is called Peace, Serenity and united humanity.” (Year 1960).


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